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McHenry Judge Condon Is Corrupted By Nichole Owens And Lou Bianchi, William Kroncke Had 911 Tape Was Altered

William Kroncke had the 911 tape altered in this trial.

The two former officers who were acting in self-defense during the February 2005 altercation outside KC’s Cabin are found guilty of all charges after saving the life of Jessica Thelen. Defense lawyers agreed that the former officers jumped Hallett, but only to save the life of a woman they say he had taken hostage at knifepoint.
Ryan Hallett told the jury that he went to the bar already intoxicated and with the intent to go to the bar and start trouble with one of these offiers becauce of a friend. Ryan Hallett got what he deserved after taking a woman hostage. He could of killed her.
Not only that, these men did not get a fair trail due to Judge J Condon. There was a 911 tape that William Kroncke from the Il State Police had an altered copy made which was given as evidence. Judge Condon knew, and did nothing. Judge Condon should be arrested along with with William Kroncke and Nicole Owens. These people have broken the law and should loose their jobs. Judge Condon has proven that no one in McHenry County can have a fair trail, especially under him. How many other innocent people in McHenry County were found guilty by Judge Condon in which he had knowledge of "tampered evidence" and did nothing?
The Attorney General needs to look into this corruption.

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State’s Attorney Louis Bianchi Admit’s Wrong By Offering Sweet Deal To Guaghan Brothers, Gaughan Brothers Record Will Be Expunged Of All Charges, Civil Lawsuit Against Marengo Illinois Will Be Likely

After nearly three years McHenry County Prosecutors throw in the towel. Nichole Owens, the prosecutor who was going after the Gaughan brothers for aggravated battery of a police officer, criminal damage to government property, criminal trespass and filing a false police report, contacted the Gaughans’ attorney last week and told them she did not wish to proceed with the case, and will drop all charges if the Gaughan brothers plead to a minor charge. The deal was if both brothers pleaded guilty to attempted disorderly conduct, which is a misdemeanor, that they fabricated the abuse allegations. Basically, there records will be expunged and the Gaughans were sentenced to one year of conditional discharge.

Of course Louis Bianchi said they had a very strong case. Louis Bianchi said. “It was so strong, it persuaded them to plead guilty.” It persuaded them to plead guilty? It must have been one of those moments. In a way that statements implies that the prosecutors are guilty of malicious prosecution. Think about it, this was a deal that no one would turn down. I did not see this one coming. I believe this was a way for the prosecutor to avoid being sued by the Gaughans, since they pled guilty. This also now makes the prosecutors look good in the media and for the up coming 2008 election for Louis Bianchi since the case was brought to a conclusion. I guess it was better to make the City of Marengo look bad then to look bad at election time.

This deal has paved the way for a strong civil lawsuit against the City of Marengo. Even though the brother plead guilty to this odd charge, it will make it hard for the City of Marengo to make their own defense since the brothers record will be wiped clean.

Congrats to the Gaughans’!!!

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Marengo Teen Will Not Have A Fair Trial, Shooter Jerry Sweat Has Charges Dropped, Nichole Owens Lou Bianchi Continue To Maliciously Prosecute Brothers

Marengo resident Jerry Sweat, the person who shot Marengo teenager Patrick Gaughan, has had the charges dropped against him. However, Jerry Sweat could still be charged at a later date which could be filed at a later date. Either way, Jerry is not in the clear. Dropping these charges is not a surprise. They would rather try to convict and jail a teen who has mistakenly tried to tee-pee a wrong residence then put a potential murderer behind bars. So let’s see…. 30 years in prison for Jerry Sweat or 3-5 years for Patrick Gaughan for potential breaking and entering and obstruction. Well, since it’s a Gaughan let’s screw him. The McHenry County State’s Attorneys Office has a vendetta with the Gaughan family since 2004 and it is no secret.

Here is something that is very interesting.

A Harvard man shot and killed his neighbor’s dog claiming self defense. The McHenry County State’s Attorney spent countless taxpayers’ money on forensic investigation. They studied the travel of the bullets, angles, distance, and etc. They convicted him with felony animal cruelty, which carried a potential maximum three-year prison sentence. He was ordered to two years of probation, pay a $2,000 fine and perform 50 hours of community service. Look at the extent the prosecutor went through to convict this person for shooting a dog.  Why didn’t the prosecutor go though this much when it came to a person shooting another person? Why? The only thing that had been done was some questions asked by the Sheriffs Department when Patrick was lying in a hospital bed. They never even collected the bullets that came out of Patrick. WHAT!!! The McHenry County State’s Attorneys Office never bothered to contact the family. Again, why?

It’s because it is the Gaughans. The City of Marengo with their McHenry County connections have collaborated with each other and set out to tear this family apart over police abuse charges filed against Scott Crawford. I just cannot believe how people can be blinded by this corruption. Scott Crawford should have been fired and charges brought up against him. But thanks to the help of the McHenry County State’s Attorneys Office, found a way for him to still be a creditable witness against the Gaughans by resigning his position. I know that’s why Nichole and Lou were at the hearing. To make sure their witness was secured. The McHenry County State’s Attorneys probably did not figure that Kelly Given would do something so stupid. Kelly Given should have had charges brought up again her for stealing sealed juvenile records. But again, with the help from the prosecutors and the City of Marengo, no charges were filed. They had to secure that witness as well so she resigned. They knew that if anyone of them had charges against them they would not be a creditable witness. That is why they have temporally dropped the charges against Jerry Sweat.

You cannot imagine how much tax payer dollars went to maliciously prosecute this family. The Crawford issue will be going for a third year. I believe it all comes down to the prosecutor does not have squat against these boys. Their strategy is to financially destroy this family until they can claim victory.
This family will not EVER get a fair trial.

I cannot wait to see what the papers will print tomorrow.
Where is the Justice in this county?

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William Kroncke – Illinois State Police

William Kroncke Illinois State Police – William Kroncke Woond Stock Illinois – William Kroncke McHenry County Illinois

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I’d like to ask you, Judge Condon, why you think Kroncke and Schroeder are good officers? Just because you and only you made the decision that we all knew you were going to make, to allow the coerced, fake confession as evidence? Of course, YOU are on the prosecution’s side, judge, you all know each other, go to the same parties, so it is not surprising that you would not want to ruin their case. Its political, that’s why. It would be bad politics to go against the prosecution.

Where is your sense of shame? Did you not see the whole tape? You did not see Kevin Gaughan jump back at one point or the way he was sitting, clearly frightened? You did not see Kroncke jump, run around the room, slam papers, point his finger, throw Kevin into a cell, punch a guy out? You saw Kroncke brush Kevin’s shoulder?? Please! Watch the tape again, judge. Or did you even bother to watch it, since you obviously decided to make this decision ahead of time? Look at all the cases that you and Bianchi and Owens presided over that were turned over on appeal. Look at the shameful ways you behave, not caring about justice or right and wrong. You would put any person in jail, no matter if he’s innocent and guilty, just to win a case! You should all be disbarred. Don’t worry, by the time this is all over with, I am sure the FBI will get involved in your wrongdoings. This will not go on.

And shame on you reporters of the Northwest Herald. What a crappy article! Just the other day was an article and a website where one can view the tape for oneself. Are you saying you saw this tape and still believe the lies that Condon and Bianchi stated to you people? What is this? You don’t do any of your own investigating, but just print whatever the people you interview tell you, true or false? Just the day before there was an article where the events on the very same tape were discussed in a contradictory manner.

All lies. From the prosecutors to the judge to our community paper. You people have no shame!


I guess it pays with the people you party with.



OCTOBER 14, 2006

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Illinois State Police William Kroncke’s Lies Exposed

Illinois State Police William Kroncke’s Lies Exposed

William Kroncke, who is a Illinois State Police investigator, has been in the process of lying so often, that it is safe to say he must either be a habitual liar, or a ruthless individual concerned less with the law then with doing favors for friends and abusing various people.

Take a look at some of what William Kroncke has done: – He was caught on tape punching a prisoner in handcuffs and slapping Kevin Gaughan, who came in to file a complaint. – He has lied and covered up facts of an investigation he supposedly conducted into the shooting of a suspect by a Marengo police officer. – He has lied on the stand constantly and repeatedly. Under oath. – He has even stolen evidence that was supposed to be handed over to the defense in a case!

Considering all these facts, it shouldn’t surprise us that William Kroncke would lie about his military service record as well. Since getting transferred to Chicago, Kroncke has told people, including possible suspects, that he was an Army Ranger, who had fought in various wars and held many medals. However, Kroncke appears to be just like Jack Genot. When his military record is examined, it shows that Kroncke did not serve in the Army at all or been anywhere near a battlefield. Instead, he was a financial officer without any clearances in the National Guard! In other words, while Kroncke was able to commend respect from his superiors in the
Chicago area because of his military and war service, the fact is that he never even served! I imagine that if his superiors, many of whom are themselves real military heroes and real Rangers, knew that Kroncke lied about being a Ranger and was just a piddly financial officer, a clerk, then he would get a lot less respect. Maybe they wouldn’t stand up to protect this liar and poor excuse of a human being when he habitually lies, hits people, and does wrong. Maybe they will look the other way when all these lies finally catch up with him. I would think at the very least, this must be very embarrassing for Kroncke himself, as there is no excuse for this kind of lie.

Jack Genot has made a public apology and a fellow alderman asked him in Council to resign. Though he did not do so. Maybe we should all demand that the Illinois State Police finally get rid of William Kroncke. It is not safe or wise to give a habitual liar and violent individual, who also covers up for his lies, a badge and especially, a gun. I would write the Illinois State Police Headquarters in
Chicago and demand Kroncke’s resignation. We will all be safer in the future. Especially those of us in Marengo.

State Police

Woodstock Illinois

October 4, 2006

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